Sapphire Occasions - Terms and Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions


By paying a deposit to secure your booking, it is deemed that the customer has read, understood, fully agreed to and is bound by all our terms and conditions of hire.

Sapphire Occasions reserves the right to take photograph images of the equipment at your event and use them for marketing purposes.

Booking & Payment

Sapphire Occasions will require a £50 deposit to secure your booking. This deposit is non-refundable. Full payment must be made 2 weeks prior to the event or on the day before we are scheduled to open. Payment is accepted via Paypal, internet banking, or cash on the day.


Once a booking has been confirmed by us, this forms the basis of a contract under English law. Any cancellation by the client is subject to a 50% cancellation fee of the original hire agreement. Cancellations within 14 days of the hire date will be charged at the original hire agreement rate subject to the discretion of the management. Such cancellations need to be communicated to us as soon as possible preferably by email. Each cancellation will be considered on its merits with the management reserving the right to waive the cancellation fee if the cancellation is due to exceptional circumstances or if the management deem it reasonable to waive the fee for any other reason. The cancellation fee becomes payable immediately following cancellation.

In the event of a child under the age of 18 tampering or damaging our equipment the cost of repair or replacement of the equipment will fall solely on the Client. Likewise, in the event of a child under the age of 18 suffering injury as a consequence of contact with any equipment no liability or responsibility for any injury will be accepted by us.


Your hired equipment will be delivered and assembled prior to the planned event by us. We will arrive approximately one hour prior to the start time unless an earlier time has been previously agreed. It is the responsibility of the customer to inform us in advance of any parking issues or difficulties with regard to accessing the proposed venue. Failure to do so may result in our inability to start at the agreed time for which we will not be liable.


Whenever possible we will dissemble and remove the equipment at the end of the mutually agreed time. If disassembly of the equipment is not possible at the end of the mutually agreed time we will secure the equipment and return later. This is however subject to the direction and discretion of the venue provider.

Client Liability

The Client will be liable for any damage or loss suffered to Sapphire Occasions during the 'Hire Period' of our equipment. The 'Hire Period' is defined as running from the time the equipment is assembled to the time the equipment is disassembled by us. Any loss or damage to the equipment will be the sole liability of the Client, not the venue provider.

Occasionally, guests can become difficult or unruly, particularly when alcohol has been consumed. In such instances, the Client will be responsible for the actions and conduct of their guests without exception. We further reserve the right to terminate the equipment hire, with immediate effect, if our staff are subjected to unacceptable behaviour, verbal or physical abuse by the client or by any other person attending the event. In such circumstances, no refunds will be due to the Client.

Our liability

In the event of a delayed start due to events over running or access restrictions, Sapphire Occasions will not be liable to extend the hire period.

Our liability to the client is up to the cost of the value of the booking agreed on the booking confirmation. In circumstances where, for any reason, the arranged hire does not take place due to a failure to show by us or for some other unforeseeable event the total amount claimable from us is the total price of the hire as agreed on the booking confirmation, no other damages or loss will be accepted by us to the client or any third party.


Our staff will conduct themselves politely and professionally when dealing with the Client and his/her guests prior to, during and after the planned event.

Age restrictions

For legal and insurance purposes, minors under the age of 16 years old must, at all times, be supervised by a responsible adult.


We reserve the right to end our service, at the discretion of the management, at any time during the event, if it is believed that the customer or any of their guests are acting with disruptive, dangerous or reckless conduct towards our staff or equipment during the hire period. In such an eventuality, the management reserves the right to withhold payment, either full or part for any time outstanding or not completed. Further, we reserve the right to surcharge the customer for any loss or damage to our equipment occurring during the hire of any of our equipment by the customer or his/her guest's misconduct or negligence. We will however strive to resolve any and all disputes reasonably and equitably.

Casino Hire

The fun casino hire lasts up to three continuous hours unless otherwise negotiated. The gaming period does not include set up and breakdown of the casino. The hire cost of the casino will include the agreed time as so instructed on the booking form, or in certain circumstances, in agreement with the casino organiser. We cannot take responsibility for events that begin after the agreed time of the hire in any circumstances except, where it can be shown, that through our actions we have been the cause of the delay. For instance, failure by guests to arrive delaying the start of the casino hire or delays caused by activities running over into the time allotted for the casino, preventing the casino hire from beginning, is the sole responsibility of the Client and will be included in the hire period. No refunds will be made if the casino hire is delayed due to circumstances outside the direct control of Sapphire fun casino.

Sapphire Occasions always provide high quality casino equipment at a set price irrespective of how many people use it and how much you may charge them for it. Prices are inclusive of professionally trained croupiers and all equipment. All chips and fun money must be returned to the croupiers after the hire period.

Chocolate Fountain

The chocolate fountain is for indoor use only and cannot be placed near a strong draught or strong air conditioning system. The Client is responsible for providing a flat, level, stable surface at least 3ft wide within 3 metres of a suitable plug socket. If the surround is to be used, we require a minimum of a 4ft round surface.

When hiring our chocolate fountain, the Client agrees to be responsible for any claim against Sapphire Occasions for chocolate spillage on any item of clothing, furniture, carpet or anything else caused by others, how so ever caused.

Sapphire Occasions reserves the right to provide suitable alternatives for any of the chosen dips should the original dips be unavailable on the day of hire.

In the unlikely event that the fountain should breakdown or fail to operate as a fountain, the system will still allow the guests to dip food into the bowl of the fountain, which will be filled with chocolate, and therefore provide the guests with the experience. Sapphire Occasions will refund 25% of the hire charge if this should occur.

We recognise the seriousness of allergic reactions and our chocolate is nut free and produced in a nut free factory. It is also gluten free but as we provide dips from many different manufacturers we are alerting you to the fact that any of the foods that we supply may contain traces of nuts which may pose a problem to people who are allergic to peanuts, nuts or nut derivatives.

As the making of most dips may involve the same product line for products with or without nuts, we are unable to guarantee that traces of nuts will not be present.

Please note that the foods (dips) may also contain gluten, milk, eggs, wheat, and or coconut.

We recommend that young children are supervised by an adult when consuming foods from the chocolate fountain as we do not accept responsibility.

Magic Mirror / Photo Booth

It is The Clients responsibility to ensure that the venue permits and can accommodate the Magic Mirror or Photo Booth, and that there is suitable access to both the building and function room. If the event is to take place above or below ground level a lift must be available that is suitably large enough for the Magic Mirror.

The Magic Mirror requires a minimum of 2m W x 4m L x 2.5m H and access to a standard plug socket .Once it has been set up The Magic Mirror or Photo booth cannot be relocated.

The Magic Mirror or Photo Booth is strictly for indoor use only, unless otherwise agreed.

Very rarely, the Magic Mirror or Photo Booth may malfunction. We will do whatever we can to rectify the situation as quickly as possible. If the printer stops working and cannot be fixed, we will continue to photograph the guests and send the images to the Client as soon as possible after the event. We will not be liable for any refund. If the camera malfunctions and hire has to cease, we will only be liable to refund money for the time period that we couldn’t carry out our terms of contract.

All goods remain the property of Sapphire Occasions at all times. The props are for use in the Magic Mirror or Photo booth only and are not to be taken away from the Magic Mirror or Photo Booth area.

Love Letters

The Love Letters are free standing and secured on Perspex stands. It is the client’s responsibility to ensure that the letters are not damaged or knocked over whilst on site.

The illumination is battery powered. Sapphire Occasions will provide spare batteries and instructions on how to replace them, in the event that batteries run out mid event.

Sweet Cart

Sapphire Occasions shall endeavour to supply the Client with the sweets requested but reserve the right to supply a similar alternative should the exact sweet be unavailable.

Sapphire Occasions cannot be deemed liable should any guests at your function take an allergic reaction to any sweets provided at your event. Should any of your guests have a nut allergy or similar please notify us and we will try our very best to provide an alternative for such guests. If an alternative cannot be provided it is the customer’s responsibility to notify their guests.

Children should always be supervised as Sapphire Occasions cannot be held responsible if a child chokes on any of the items provided at the event.

Any damages or breakages to our glassware will be charged at full replacement value.

Fruit Palm Tree

Sapphire Occasions shall endeavour to supply the Client with the fruit requested but reserve the right to supply similar fruit should they be unavailable.

The fruit palm tree uses cocktail sticks to secure the fruit. Sapphire Occasions will not be liable for any injury resulting from use of these sticks.

Wedding Post Box

The wedding post box is supplied for the times arranged between the client and Sapphire occasions.

At the end of the hire, the cards inside the post box are removed and handed to the bride/groom/client.

We will not be held responsible for any items removed from the post box or any items disappeared after being handed to the client.

We pride ourselves on being extremely professional, hardworking and reliable and will do our very best to ensure any service(s) hired from us for your event/party are delivered, set up and run as smoothly as possible. Please see our testimonials from previous clients.